We are very excited and honored to be at KOSTÜM located at 4020 Piedmont Avenue., Oakland, CA 94611, on 12/23/2017 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm for a special POP UP! KOSTÜM IS MUCH MORE THAN A CONSIGNMENT SHOP… Located in the heart of Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, they are the first choice for consignment ranging from Contemporary to […]

Sabotaging Your Self-Care

When I Googled the definition of guilt, it said “to make (someone) feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something”.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like our current social climate has experienced an increase in judgements and people inserting their personal opinions.  Well I’d like to insert my own […]

6 Tips for Discovering Your Bliss

6 TIPS FOR DISCOVERING YOUR BLISS The dictionary defines bliss as 1. (noun) perfect happiness; great joy 2. (verb) reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.  Well we all know that there’s no such thing as being “perfect”; however we each have the power to define what […]

It’s NOT Too Late!

All month long I’ve been posting on IG, FB, and Twitter based on the Candle of the Month, GETAWAY.  My hope was to inspire, motivate, and encourage you all to plan a trip and go!  So did any of you getaway?  Well if you didn’t don’t worry, it’s not too late!   Planning a getaway […]

my B.O.B. – Soyful Aromas

I am so excited and grateful for support and uplift from the community and fellow businesses.  Check out this wonderful blog from my B.O.B. by blackbox.  There mission is to showcase the talent, ingenuity, and style of products made by Black makers, entrepreneurs, and creatives.  Through their monthly subscription box service, they curate great, unique, and quality products […]

Time to Call-in Sick

When was the last time that you took a trip with friends, family, your special someone, or even just on your own? If you had to pause and think about it then it’s probably been too long and it’s time for a getaway.  You work hard and take care of your family and responsibilities day […]

my B.O.B.

Guess who had the honor of being a part of the “my B.O.B” stories by blackbox, we did! Blackbox is a monthly collection of products made exclusively by Black-owned businesses, curated across five different categories of daily living, and delivered directly to your front door.  In February they started the “my B.O.B.” stories to feature […]

Tea Talk

So it’s been a minute since I last blogged, but today I was totally inspired; therefore let’s have some tea talk.  Just to clarify this won’t be the type of tea talk that you see in the Kermit memes, and it’s not the infamous gossip that you hear on reality shows.  My tea talk is […]

Self Care Challenge – Day 5

It’s FRIYAY!!! Hello weekend!!! First let me say that I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing my goal of blogging my first challenge YAY!!! Secondly, I’m uber proud that I successfully completed this week’s self care challenge! Tonight I’m relaxing on the couch with my fur-baby and getting ready to watch Collateral Beauty (side note […]

Self Care Challenge – Day 4

Hey there! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! and trust me when I say that I’m ready for the weekend.  This has been a super busy week, but it’s been a good one.  I have been enjoying this week’s self-care challenge and I hope that you have too.  Today I spent time decluttering my house, organizing my home […]