Our Story

Birthed Out of Love for Self-Care

Soyful Aromas was created in Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was birthed out of my love for self-care and aromatherapy.

The Power of Aromatherapy

We are each wonderfully made and have five amazing senses that we use daily. However when we think about self-care, we often forget about our sense of smell and the power of aromatherapy. Various aromas have the ability to help us unwind and relax, uplift our mood, and so much more.

Be Intentional 

Soyful Aromas mission is to encourage intentional self-care. We all live very busy lives and it can be easy to forget about oneself. However I strongly believe that self-care should be a daily practice rather than a luxury that is only enjoyed every once in awhile.  Aromas are a great way to help set the intention you want: a CAREFREE mood, ME TIME, or a nice mental and emotional GETAWAY.

An Enduring Aromatic Experience

I chose soy wax because it is a natural renewable resource derived from soybeans. It is non-toxic and burns clean with no petrol-carbon soot or toxic carcinogens. Soy wax candles can be a little more expensive than other types of wax candles; however soy wax burns slower and cooler creating a longer burning candle. Also as a bonus, soy wax produces a stronger scent which in turn creates an enduring aromatic experience.

Thank you for visiting Soyful Aromas,

Janét L’amour

Owner & Candle Maker