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Aromatherapy Is Personal!

Soyful Aromas is the epitome of relaxation transcending consumers to an ultimate state of self-care when they need it most. We provide simple relaxation, a CAREFREE mood, ME TIME, and a nice mental and emotional GETAWAY with our aromas.

Because aromas can be a personal preference we’ve added e-gift cards so that you can now gift Soyful Aromas to your friends, family, co-works, or anyone so they can choose their own aromatherapy products.  Each Soyful Aromas product has been thoughtfully created to help set the intention needed to inspire intentional self-care.

Gift cards do not expire and we hope that you find joy in gifting them.


How it works:

  1. Similar to gift cards, you can select from the amounts available, recipient, message, and deliver date when purchasing.
  2. Recipient receives their gift card via email
  3. When used at check-out, the balance is applied after tax just like cash
  4. If a consumer redeems a gift card on an order  and the order is cancelled or refunded, the gift card balance will return to the card.  This is true for mixed payment orders as well.

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Gift Card
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